Velocity is pleased to announce that will be offering an 8 Week Summer Camp from July 6th to August 28th.  It is guaranteed to be a great summer with lots of fun activities and outside play!  We can't wait to get back to Velocity and look forward to seeing you and your children there!  

Please note that the number of participants accepted will be restricted due to COVID-19 operating restrictions.  Registration is available on a first come first serve basis and full time only.  

We will be following the Guidance for Summer Camps provided by the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador and the Department of Health and Community Service.  For more information please visit: https://www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19/information-sheets-for-businesses-and-workplaces/guidance-for-summer-day-camps/   

Day Camps will operate in groups of 10 people (includes both staff and children) that will stay together throughout the day.  Campers will maintain physical distance and will not share objects.  Games and activities will be non contact and the focus will be on outdoor activities. Only one group at a time may use the same indoor or outdoor play space. Any space that has other user groups will be cleaned before and after using the space.  Lunch/snack breaks will be staggered to promote physical distancing among participants.  Handwashing will be required between activities and at regular intervals throughout the day.

Staff and children must not attend the program if they are sick; even if symptoms resemble a mild cold. Parents and guardians must check the temperatures of their children daily before coming to the program. Staff will conduct active symptom screening of each child every day with the parent or guardian as they drop off their children. Groups cannot mix with other groups or be within in the same room/space at the same time, including pickups and drop-offs, mealtimes, playtime, outdoor activities, etc. 

Velocity will follow aggressive daily cleaning and disinfecting practices.  Cleaning and disinfecting will be completed throughout each day and at the end of each day. 

Please complete the online registration form below to register your child. The registration fee is $1400 and can be paid as a single payment at the time of registration OR with postdated cheques in the amount of $350 each.  If paying with postdated cheques, the first payment of $350 must be made at the time of registration by email transfer to velocityclarenville@gmail.com to confirm your spot.  The remain postdated cheques must be received before July 6th and must be dated for July 15th, August 1st and August 15th.  

​COVID-19 Refund Policy for Summer Camp Participants: Velocity has updated its return policy and will now return any money paid by a camper who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to others who have. If a week of camp has to be cancelled because of a health order, a refund will be issued.